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My primary goal as a teacher is to cultivate a learning environment where students feel comfortable to creatively explore solutions to difficult engineering problems outside of their textbooks and classroom. I firmly believe in the value of hands on experiential learning as a method for encouraging students to think beyond the book. While learning fundamental theory and equations is the starting point for analyzing problems, today's wicked problems require a more holistic approach. 

Example of co-developed hands on lab activity designed for UC Irvine Fluid Mechanics labortory of a water jet-cat propultion system.

My teaching experiences is wide spanning, from teaching a traditional fluid mechanics course and lab at a 4-year university, to learning Haitian Creole and teaching vocational school students in Haiti. Additionally, my interests in teaching also academic; while working as a TA at the University of California, Irvine I designed and tested a series of exercises to improve undergraduate students writing and test each exercises effectiveness. This work was presented at the 2019 American Society for Engineering Education Conference and is published in their conference proceedings. 

Brand, M.W. and Lanning, J. 2019, Improving Student Writing Outcomes Through Dynamic Feedback, Design Oriented Projects and Curriculum Modification. Proceedings of The American Society for Engineering Education, Tampa, FL.

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